Sunday, February 13, 2011

apprenticing to the earth

With great delight, we are/ I am inviting you to Apprenticing to the Earth, taking place from 25 May-1 June at Axladitsa-Avatakia, in South Pelion, Greece. It is one part of a longer learning month we are hosting in Greece.

We invite you to be part of a rich translocal community of learners, with a wonderfully diverse circle of hosts with visiting faculty, the wild land of Axladitsa, and its local community. It is less a workshop and more of an inquiry into what it means to truly learn with and from the Earth in order to become more resilient, to sustain people and the planet.  We will be living and working with the a pattern we call Living Wholeness along with the practices of permaculture, mud building, poetry and reflection, conscious food, living systems, art of hosting, open space and a whole lot more...
Axladitsa Avatakia is an ancient Olive farm and haven of 24 acres on the Pelion peninsula, mainland Greece - is unspoiled, remote, rugged and beautiful.  It is a teacher and learner, and one of our hosts.  Axladitsa has inspired Maria, Sarah and myself to develop a pattern known as Living Wholeness that offers a framework for being systemic at every level: with ourselves, our work and our communities, and especially in relationship with all of life. With the Living Wholeness pattern, we navigate the visible, invisible, individual and collective pathways towards deeper alignment with all of Life.  
Here you can download the elegant Apprenticing to the Earth invitation and the registration & fee form:
Apprenticing to the Earth Invite
Apprenticing to the Earth Registration Form
In the meantime, please join the Apprenticing community and indicate if you will be joining us in May, are still thinking about it…or simply want to part of the conversations and connected into the evolution.

And if you wish to join us earlier, from 6-15 May, we are offering the always much-anticipated Axladitsa Immersion
(the Mystery, Mastery and Artistry of Living Wholeness).  If you are interested in coming to both gatherings - coming for a month of Immersion learning in a wild place with excellent people - please join us for the Early Bird rates and register by 28 FebruaryIf you wish to register, or if you have any questions at all about payment, fees, scholarships or sponsorships, please contact Sarah Whiteley at
We look forward to seeing you this May!

Much love, Vanessa
with Sarah Whiteley, Maria Scordialous, Janell Kapoor, Filiz Telek, Penny Livingstone and Axladitsa Avatakia

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