Thursday, November 1, 2007

the art of olive harvesting at axladitsa

i leave for Greece for three weeks to work with the beautiful land and stewards of Axladitsa. it is the olive harvest and we are working with
the Art of Hosting network who are coming to "harvest" their work and see what comes next for them ~
this delicious combination becomes a new kind of art of harvesting.... we are integrating people and practice by inviting the art of hosting to connect with the rhythm and stewardship of the land.
and we will do this the through the heart of axladitsa, its outdoor kitchen....

Axladitsa's Conscious Kitchen

We welcome you into the creation of Axladitsa's Conscious Kitchen experiment with open arms, hearts and bellies!

Living Wholeness is at the core of Axladitsa Avatakia; so all our actions are based on this core principle. Living a whole life requires one to be conscious and to pay attention to the fundamental aspects of living: and food is one of these fundamentals! What we take into our physical bodies holds the power to heal or hurt both our bodies as well as the earth. So at Axladitsa we would like to create a conscious kitchen in which food is prepared with consciousness and responsibility as part of a natural cycle that nourishes our bodies and our earth.

Together we will cultivate a conscious culture of nourishment during our time together. From seed to table, into our stomachs and back to the land, this cycle of nourishment is an intentional exploration of our relationship to what and how we eat and how we integrate conscious practice, "living wholeness" into every element of Axladitsa's operations. The Conscious Kitchen as a practice is at the heart of how we nourish each other, the land of Axladitsa, our neighbours and local community, the larger systems and influences, and our relationship to how we nourish our own selves. It is also about creating a healing relationship with our own bodies.

You will be joining us here during the olive harvest, which is a powerful metaphor for harvesting our own work and an opportunity to learn by doing! We will integrate and co-create practices around zero waste, silence and gratitude, karma yoga, journaling, sustainable food systems and choices, gardening, working with local farmers and neighbours, delicious cooking, cleaning and composting and of course the art of the olive harvest.

Our conscious kitchen invites you to prepare a little before you arrive:
  • to bring an offering from your own kitchen, home or land to our kitchen so that we might integrate all our gifts into Axlatditsa's pot (seeds, herbs, salts, a recipe, utensil, tea, a favorite ingredient, a grace or poem etc.)
  • if you are on a particular diet (vegan, kosher, macrobiotic, etc…) please bring any specific ingredient that we might not be able to get here, be prepared to advise us in the kitchen as well as sharing the basic principles of your diet with the group (should you choose to)
  • a personal journal for writing
  • a healing offering to the land which has been suffering deep burns

Here are some questions to explore before our collective conscious kitchen experiment:
  • Where does my food come from? How is it grown? How long does it travel before it comes to my kitchen? Who actually makes the most profit when I purchase a particular food? How much does the earth suffer by me consuming a particular food?
  • How do I prepare my food? Is the way I prepare my food and the way I consume it good for my body? What is good for my body? What is the real cost of my cooking to the nature?
  • How much waste do I create by consuming a particular food? How much waste do I generally create in the kitchen? Where does the waste go? Do I compost my organic waste? Can I minimize my waste in the kitchen? How can I practice zero-waste in the kitchen?
  • is the way i eat sustainable for my body and for the earth?
looking forward to delicious conversation,
Filiz, Vanessa, Maria and Sarah

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